Barry Law Firm: Does your lawyer speak tech?


Barry Law Firm has extensive experience in public and private sector compliance issues.  The firm monitors compliance with policy, regulations and statutes, interfacing with revenue recognition and senior executivesto ensure all applicable procedures and approvals were followed.  We coordinates with business practices to ensure all appropriate approvals were obtained and properly implemented for all types of non-standard drafting including amendments, addendums, unlimited licensing, enterprise licensing, and high value strategic account contracts.  We provide legal advice and expert counsel on federal procurements, including fee policy issues, price adjustments, Competition in Contracting Act, Federal Grant and the Cooperative Agreement Act.  Barry Law analyzes client actions regarding ITAR, FCPA and HIPPA,  analyzes complex and detailed legal and policy issues, especially in new technology including SaaS and Cloud, intellectual property protection, data breach, Personally Identifiable Information protection, encryption strategies and technologies, Cybersecurity, Terms of Service, Privacy policies, and Data Center governance.  We proactively analyze policies, regulations and law in order to present options of varying risk levels and mitigation strategies to project teams and senior executives. We interface with Senior Executives, Legal, Contracts Management, Technical and Sales personnel to advise in areas of Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCIs), software licensing, conflict resolution, cybersecurity, physical security, classified materials, and protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Barry Law Firm also provides training on compliance, privacy, Cybersecurity and related issues.