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What Do Our Clients Say?

Michaela Barry – great lawyer, long relationship across several companies
Posted by Doug
My companies have used her several times over the years. In the late 90’s DIGEX used her for HR work, agreements, and basic business law for our first years. In that time she also handled FBI and other LE search warrant work, which required a cutting edge knowledge, in the early years of the internet and how the law applied to it. In a later company we used her to coordinate and organize Intellectual Property management which is an arcane field, but she came up to speed fast performed perfectly. She is current our goto lawyer for all of these issues and more. In this internet world, her accessibility and turn around time are spectacular. Completely recommended.

Very timely and easy to work with
Posted by a Copyright client
Michaela handled my Copyright Infringement matter.
Ms. Barry has been very easy to work with, particularly in time sensitive situations. She has been very upfront with the basis for her opinions and open to discussing permutations and complications.

David W Wooddell
Research Editor on contract at Cengage Learning
Mikki is one of those rare gems that one meets along the way. An expert in more rights law than most people ever know exist, she has a way of bringing results that is excellent. Her out of the box thinking is truly the race horse that left the barn before the others smelled the spark.

Harold Feld
Senior Vice President, Public Knowledge
I worked with Mikki for some years as part of the Domain Name Rights Coalition. I found her work to be targeted, useful, well researched, and — above all else — effective in an environment hostile to our concerns.

Jasbir Singh
Partner at Capitol City TechLaw, PLLC
Mikki is a great trademark attorney who is prompt and responsive. Great communication skills.

Tom Kirchman
Software Wrangler
Mikki provided invaluable services on contracts involving international transfers of IP. She gave us the confidence to proceed with the most important deals we made. We will call on her again without hesitation next time.

Gaige Paulsen
Technologist, software architect and Entrepreneur
I’ve had Mikki do contact reviews at may of my companies in the past and she has always provided excellent results. Unlike many lawyers who approach legal contracts as an opportunity to pull one over on the other party, Mikki consistently reviews them with an eye towards creating a lasting relationship. She’s also expert at ferreting out important issues before they become problematic and bringing them to your attention. When having her review something, expect an expert review from a legal perspective with the insight you need to look at things from a business perspective

John Quarterman
CEO at InternetPerils, Inc.
Mikki often sees valuable perspectives that nobody else does.

Kurt Baumann
CEO Kadoo, Inc.
When you need a contract looked at quickly, with a need to know what the issues are that are important as opposed to those that lawyers like to change. Mikki is your lawyer. She is just about the best lawyer I know for getting business done as opposed to getting in the way. She is creative when working around issues, and getting the business end accomplished. I highly recommend her to business people who want to get things done.

Fearghas McKay
at flexOptix GmbH
Mikki is a great internal or external counsel for a startup, she understands IP law and has built her own successful startups so understands the pressures and the priorities.

Doug Humphrey
President at JETCO Research
In several of my start up companies, I have employed  Mikki in roles as legal and business advisory. She knows law, she is a very good adviser on legal and business matters, she has been involved in start ups and in large complex setting of standards, standards committees, and legal fall out from decisions at all levels in the internet world. She thinks out of the box, and can see many ways around roadblocks.
I give her the highest recommendation, would hire her again in a heartbeat, no question. She has been a member of the best teams I have had the honor to be involved with.

Barry Fausnaugh, PMP
COO at Cost & Performance Solutions, Inc & Owner/Center Director at Mathnasium of Bethesda
I worked with Mikki when I was in tech support at InterCon. While I didn’t report to her directly, it was a small company and I learned a lot from her, not only about how InterCon was run but also about how to approach problems logically. Mikki was a great resource and always willing to help out.

Dave Saunders
Product Management go-to-market and IP specialist
Of the many lawyers I know, Mikki’s unique mixture of experience, pragmatism and a wry outlook on the world, let’s her cut through the chaff and break an issue down into its true origin. Her quick and sure approach makes it all look easy and I have found few others that do the same.